Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello world

Hey so I'm a hermit. I don't blog well but I've always known that. Go figure.
Update since my last post:
1) I'm single...have been for ~7 was awful, I thought I was getting engaged not dumped...Life goes on I suppose. I am still a little bitter.... It comes in waves.
1a) I'm ok being single. I'm looking around but I don't feel the need to jump into anything serious. I devoted the last 7 years of my life to one person and it didn't work out. I'd like to think I won't let that happen again. I think that the last 7 months have been good for me as a person - growing and all that.
2) I'll be a doctor in just under 3 months. I'm stoked, terrified and relieved. 8 years is a long time to be in college. I passed my boards exam and only have a few rotations and a senior paper presentation standing in my way of becoming a DVM.
3) After I get that beautiful piece of paper that says I've studied, tested, clinic-ed, laughed, cried and maybe learned to fix some sick animals, I will be moving back to the Seattle area. This was always part of the plan. I will unfortunately be moving in with the 'rents until further notice.
4) As of right now once I move back I will be unemployed. New for me. I have no clue how to navigate this job seeking world. I've always been in school and had jobs on the side...never needed to find a place to start a career...never had to experience the formal interview process. It's all very scary. Not to mention the job market is absolutely horrible for new graduating veterinarians. This is why I'm moving in with my parents...until I figure out where I'm working, I can't figure out where to get a place to live.
5) After graduation and before moving back home I will be going to Disney World with three of my newly dubbed veterinarian friends. I am psyched and have been planning this trip for about two years. Don't laugh, Disney is amazing and always will be in my eyes.

That about sums it up.

Right now I'm in Tricities working on my preceptorship which basically means I'm playing vet under vet supervision at a small animal clinic for four weeks. It's pretty awesome so far. I have my last weeks of vacation coming up after this and plan to enjoy them thoroughly. My sister and her two kids are coming to Seattle to visit and I'm stoked. I'll be heading to my friend's cabin for a weekend for some R,R,&R (rest, relaxation and that is). I will be celebrating my best friend's 25th birthday which will undoubtedly be significantly more amazing than my 25th birthday which was shortly after I had been dumped
Maybe I'll blog more...maybe not. I do have a few knitting projects I'd like to post on. I should really finish them so I don't have 5 things in the air but who has time anymore.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Knitty things

So on the craft front, my sister made me this awesome needle holder and a purse last summer. She did the needle holder without a pattern and it was "the bane of her existence for two weeks". The purse had a difficult geometric pattern to line up, so it also gave her a hard time. They both turned out lovely and several of my knitty friends are jealous of the holder.

I finished my first pair of socks last summer. Katie's mom grew, spun, dyed and gifted me the yarn. They were lace and took a long time, but I like them. The fit isn't perfect, but they were my first pair so iI guess that's expected. Gave me to a chance to use the knitting lingerie book that Joel gave me. I had to redo and unknit a lot but that is the way of an OCD knitter. I had several requests in class to make additional pairs for friends but I am super done with that pattern.
I used more wool from Katie's mom to make this headband that is super cute but turned out to
be a tad itchy. I finished it in just a couple hours so I can make another when I feel like it. I already have a request from Kelly (Tanya's sister) to make her one as well.

I'm working now on a blanket that I got the yarn for in MO while visiting grandma two summers ago (finally). I had tried to start it a couple years ago but I couldn't handle the 109 stitches on a circular needle with two yarns at the same time then.

It's a slow going process and it's hard to see the pattern unless you look at it in real life but it'll be pretty. I think I may give it to Bella, but I haven't decided yet and probably won't until it's finished. Still it would be nice for her to have something I've made for her.

I made a seaweed stitch scarf for mom in this horrible dark yellow color to match a cashmere sweater she got at christmas. It was a total pain in the butt and I don't think I'll repeat the pattern again but I shared it with my knitty friends. Took FOREVER to finish...right around spring break so mom probably won't wear it much til fall. Still, another project finished! I don't think I ever got final pictures of it because I hated it so much. Lesson learned - don't do projects for other people that you will hate or that will take'll just take longer to finish it and not enjoy the process so much.

Lastly, I started another sock conquest last semester in a pretty yarn over cable pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I like it so far. The pattern is simple enough though I already messed up and didn't have the patience to go back and fix it. I'm just starting the leg (it's a toe-up sock with short row toe & heel) of the first sock. Hopefully they won't take me quite so long to finish as the last pair. I don't have pictures of that uploaded at the moment either but I'm sure I'll post them once the pair is finished. I am keeping photos on the iphone app "knit minder"...which is very handy and I highly recommend! It has counters and keeps track of all your yarn, needles and projects.

Summer blog...

So apparently I fail at blogging, but I believe I knew this before. I wasn't so awesome at it in jr. or high school either. I expected to look back on the goals I set last summer and be very sad that I didn't do any of them. Though, that's not true either. I did manage to do much of my list, maybe not all of it, but a lot. I spent time with mom & dad, watched 3 seasons of stargate, read a lot more (including all of twilight which began a bit of an addiction of mine) and I spent plenty time with my sister and her kids last year and am doing so again this summer. I did not stick to WW, in fact fell completely off. It's just so hard while in school. Gained more weight, trying to lose again now, though I seem to suck at being an active WW member. I discovered Zumba which I absolutely love and hope to do plenty of this summer. I have a feeling that it'll be much easier once I'm done with the stress of school. I've knit some things, made some progress and I'll post some pictures later. I didn't freak out while introducing Jesse to my family last summer. We actually had a very nice time and people were generally impressed with him I believe. They're all just asking questions about when we'll get married now, which I expected.
I'm now technically a third year vet student. Second year was hard but I got used to having no time with Jesse and my kittens (oh yeah I have two now: Jory & Mallory) and studying constantly. Not that it made me happy...I found myself diving into reading random things (bad vampire books, fan fiction) to get away from my brain. I think it serves as an effective way to defuse but I think I could do better. I do very much enjoy the reading and my drama shows, but Jesse is unhappy with the habit and I should find ways to unwind that include him, not just shut the world out. He'll be graduating next may and there's still a possibility of him studying abroad in China in the Spring. He's not sure what he wants to do after he graduates but it seems like out of state graduate programs are the most likely. Possibly UNLV or UCSB or UCSD for economics. I just want him to be happy and find a route to a career he'll enjoy.
Tanya and I are still best friends though the distance makes it hard. I try to keep up with her life, which changes much more frequently than mine. I still wish I could see her more, but our lives have become very different. I wonder if she'll ever calm down or if she'll always be as high energy constantly on the go, finding a party. I know that sounds incredibly domestic of me but I've never sought a life like that. I've always been happier on a quiet night at home than out and about until the wee hours of the morning. She should be graduating this summer. I'm very proud that she will have her degree. She intends to move to Seattle and finish her certifications there on her own time and money. Hopefully she'll find a job quickly.
I've grown extremely close to several of my vet school friends. I can't actually imagine my life without them now that we've spent nearly every day together for nearly 6-8hrs for 9months out of the year...twice...I know come graduation we'll likely all split up working in different areas of the country or state. I honestly hope I'll be able to keep them in my life. They're great people and love me for exactly who I am.
I'm currently in Hawaii where my sister is living. We seem to have bonded somehow over her visits to Seattle, my visiting Texas last summer and now being here. It's nice to know we can spend time together. My mother still called to ensure we hadn't killed each other on the flight over so obviously we're not best buds. Still, I hope that we can work towards being closer friends despite our differences. I really do admire her as a person. She's strong, her husband is a soldier in Iraq so she takes care of her two toddlers alone for months and still manages to maintain important aspects of her life (her spirituality, crafty hobbies etc). I hope someday I too will be able to balance my life as well. The kids are adorable. Bella is great at throwing tantrums and is quite dramatic but super sweet. Liam is sweet too and though he doesn't say much he does understand a whole lot.
I'll log on later for crafty pics. Gotta go get some taco del mar.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer Plans

So I know I haven't written in forever but I am procrastinating and dreaming of my summer plans, which start tomorrow. I have nearly survived my first year of vet school...if only I could focus! Lol. Anyways, these are things I'd like to accomplish this summer. It's super important to me to at least attempt these because I only have 2 summers left before my real career begins and then taking time to do these things will mean taking vacation time off and not getting paid! SO here goes...
In no particular order, just as they come into my head:
1) Spend lots of time knitting...this includes finding out which coffee shop in downtown Redmond is my favorite because I'd like to become as comfortable there knitting as I am here studying at my favorite coffee shop in P-town.
2) Rollerblade LOTS. It's a great workout and I need to put my new rollerblades, that weren't cheap, to good use to make them worth it.
3) Generally spend more time outside, taking walks etc. Perhaps walk to boyfriend's house more often.
4) Pay off my credit card so I can start fresh in the fall - this one will be hard without a job.
5) Stick to WW. Yes, I'm aware that most of you don't know about that but surprise! I'm on weight watchers, have made some progress but stress/school/my ridiculous habit of eating out often throws a wrench in my dedication to losing weight.
6) Help mom with setting up the new bedroom for my niece and nephew who are coming to stay for half the summer starting in June!
7) Spend LOTS of time with Megan, Bella and Liam and be a good auntie.
8) Try not to freak out about introducing my boyfriend of 5 years to my expansive extended family (dad's side) at the reunion this summer.
9) Bake more. Learn how to make delicious not-so-horrible-for-you cinnamon rolls, breadsticks and gorgonzola pasta with steak.
10) Spend plenty of time with boyfriend. He's been so wonderful to me and I hardly get to see him throughout the year.
11) Re-read the rest of my favorite series: A Song of Ice and Fire to prepare myself for the release of the next book.
12) Read more in general, perhaps the sequals to Wicked, Twilight series, and Pride & Prejudice.
13) Spend lots of time bonding with Mom & Dad.
14) See all of Stargate SG-1. I know I'm a nerd.

Can't think of any others at the moment, so I'm going to go back to studying now.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So at the moment, I'm ignoring finals and have decided to post in this blog...but not a journal post - just some things I've spotted online that I want or think is really cool. Basically stealing the idea from Angie lol, who probably doesn't know that I read her blog. Anywho... I think these are awesome sauce:
Note: I've been thinking about knitting a lot more lately, hence the massive amounts of knitty things...

More later if I get bored tomorrow after my final...but likely I'll be knitting something...Tata.