Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello world

Hey so I'm a hermit. I don't blog well but I've always known that. Go figure.
Update since my last post:
1) I'm single...have been for ~7 was awful, I thought I was getting engaged not dumped...Life goes on I suppose. I am still a little bitter.... It comes in waves.
1a) I'm ok being single. I'm looking around but I don't feel the need to jump into anything serious. I devoted the last 7 years of my life to one person and it didn't work out. I'd like to think I won't let that happen again. I think that the last 7 months have been good for me as a person - growing and all that.
2) I'll be a doctor in just under 3 months. I'm stoked, terrified and relieved. 8 years is a long time to be in college. I passed my boards exam and only have a few rotations and a senior paper presentation standing in my way of becoming a DVM.
3) After I get that beautiful piece of paper that says I've studied, tested, clinic-ed, laughed, cried and maybe learned to fix some sick animals, I will be moving back to the Seattle area. This was always part of the plan. I will unfortunately be moving in with the 'rents until further notice.
4) As of right now once I move back I will be unemployed. New for me. I have no clue how to navigate this job seeking world. I've always been in school and had jobs on the side...never needed to find a place to start a career...never had to experience the formal interview process. It's all very scary. Not to mention the job market is absolutely horrible for new graduating veterinarians. This is why I'm moving in with my parents...until I figure out where I'm working, I can't figure out where to get a place to live.
5) After graduation and before moving back home I will be going to Disney World with three of my newly dubbed veterinarian friends. I am psyched and have been planning this trip for about two years. Don't laugh, Disney is amazing and always will be in my eyes.

That about sums it up.

Right now I'm in Tricities working on my preceptorship which basically means I'm playing vet under vet supervision at a small animal clinic for four weeks. It's pretty awesome so far. I have my last weeks of vacation coming up after this and plan to enjoy them thoroughly. My sister and her two kids are coming to Seattle to visit and I'm stoked. I'll be heading to my friend's cabin for a weekend for some R,R,&R (rest, relaxation and that is). I will be celebrating my best friend's 25th birthday which will undoubtedly be significantly more amazing than my 25th birthday which was shortly after I had been dumped
Maybe I'll blog more...maybe not. I do have a few knitting projects I'd like to post on. I should really finish them so I don't have 5 things in the air but who has time anymore.

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Jackie said...

Congrats Shellbell!! Can't wait for you to be a doctor!! :) You'll be awesome. Good luck with everything! Love you!